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 FIGHTERS - Countdown Training Timer

arrow FIGHTERS - Countdown Training Timer
FIGHTERS - Countdown Training Timer FIGHTERS - Countdown Training Timer FIGHTERS - Countdown Training Timer
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Article Description
Product features:
1. The countdown time: 1 seconds and 99 minutes 59 seconds;
2. The display is clear: large screen, easy to read and easy set-up time;
3. Auto reset: Each time when the countdown is completed, the set will automatically return to your initial time, next time use, simply click on the START key to countdown again;
4. End Reminder: When the countdown ends, continuously to "drip, drip" sound to remind about 30 seconds before the stop, alarm sound after the end of the reply to the initial time, waiting for the next use.

- Size: Exterior: 82 * 62 * 17mm, display: 48 * 20mm
[Weight]: about 70g / months without battery
- AAA batteries (not included)

Third, use:
1. Press the MINUTE key to set the "minute" in length
2. Press SECOND button to set the "second" length
3. Press the START / STOP button to start or stop the countdown
4. Press the RESET button, digital return 0, reset the time
5. When the end of the time set to 0, continuous issued a "Didi, Didi ..." sound the alarm, prompting you to set the time has come to
6. Press the MINUTE or SECOND or RESET
Key to end alarm sound, the time return 0; press START / STOP the end of sirens, and return to the initial set time.
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The FIGHTERS brand was founded in 2010 in Switzerland. FIGHTERS offers martial artists with a wide range of quality products from the fields of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Since 2012, the FIGHTERS brand has been approved by the Swiss Kickboxing Association as an official trademark in tournaments. FIGHTERS is currently available in Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria. FIGHTERS is already used by many martial arts clubs as their preferred brand.
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